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January 2012

Friday, September 9, 2011

Spyglass Lane Mystery Series

Hi Friends,  Thanks for stopping by. It's a beautiful, sunny but nice and cool September day here in my part of Missouri. So nice after the extreme heat we've suffered through this summer.

The Disasters: My prayers are with all of you who have lost loved ones or property in the recent hurricane and/or flooding.

Book News: The new Spyglass Lane Mystery series is expected to launch the week of September 25th. I'll be announcing the first books with their authors  soon.  Those of you who missed the sequels to your favorite HP cozy mystery books will be able to read them in their new format.

I'll be posting covers and links to purchase the books soon.  I'm very excited and happy that The Misadventures of  Miss Aggie will be re-released. And thrilled that Rest in Peace  will return with a few changes, and it's original intended title. Rest in Peace, Miss Aggie.

Everyone have a blessed and happy day.


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